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MIDP Version: 1.0
Description: The Hecl Browser is a Hecl script that interacts with this web site (builder.hecl.org), that can browse the available scripts, download them, and execute them. This is a beta version.
Last updated: Mon Oct 06 02:25:05 +0000 2008 by davidw

# Hecl Browser

set baseurl http://builder.hecl.org/browser
#set baseurl http://eugene:3000/browser

# Run a file from a URL.
proc websource {url} {
    upeval [http $url]

proc RunHeclet {script} {
    if { catch $script err } {
	set last [lindex $err 0]
	set errcode [lindex $last 0]
	if { eq $errcode "HECLET_EXIT" } {
	} else {
	    set errmsg [lindex $last 1]
	    alert text "Error: $errmsg" time 2000

proc fetchrun {script_id} {
    global baseurl
    RunHeclet [http ${baseurl}/fetch/${script_id}]

proc main {} {
    set main [form label "HeclBrowser" code {
	string "Fetching a list of programs ..."

    setcurrent $main


RunHeclet [http ${baseurl}/main]

Note: If you have trouble with the applets on this site, you might try upgrading your Jave Runtime Environment, in order to get the "Next-Generation Java Plug-In", available for download here: http://download.java.net/jdk6/