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MIDP Version: 1.0
Description: A simple shopping cart that connects to this web page to download the list of stuff to buy: http://dedasys.com/shopping_cart/
Last updated: Mon Nov 25 17:22:45 +0000 2013 by davidw

proc complete? {lb} {
    set l [getprop $lb selected]
    foreach v $l {
	if { = $v 0 } {
    setprop $lb label "Done!"

proc getlist {listname} {
    global shoppinglist
    set code [getprop $listname text]
    set shoppinglist [split [http http://dedasys.com/shopping_list/getlist.tcl?listid=$code] \n]

set f [form label "Shopping List - Select a List" code {
    set listname [textfield label "Shopping list id number:" type numeric]
    string "Insert the numeric code that you received from http://dedasys.com/shopping_list/ to recieve your shopping list."
    cmd label "Get list" code {
	set lb [listbox label "Shopping list - things to get" type multiple callback {
	    complete? $lb
	setcurrent $lb
	getlist $listname
	foreach item $shoppinglist {
	    string $item

setcurrent $f

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